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Winter break at Nektarina

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  Dear friends, Starting on December 20th Nektarina will be closing operation and project related activities for the duration of the winter break. We will resume activity at full speed on January 14th 2013. In the meantime we thank you all for an intense and beautiful 2012, we hope you will enjoy a great holiday season and we look forward to seeing you and working together again in 2013 for a better and more sustainable world. The Nektarina Non Profit Team Image source:

In the spotlight: sustainable development documentaries from South America

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A new project by the French association Ekidina is ready to launch. And because it has to do with sustainable development, we decided to share their story with you too. Below is a description of the project taken from the Ekidina website. The project consists in creating web documentaries shot in South America. The ProDAs series invites you in a excting trip and in the same time pass on a message relating to three topics :
  • The sustainable agriculture: familial agriculture, traditional agriculture, intensive and capitalist agriculture
  • The ecological urban planning : Urban and peri-urban agriculture, green roofs, ecological corridors, ecodistricts
  • The renewable energies : Big and micro hydraulic, solar energies, biomass energy, renewable energies used in agriculture
1st OBJECTIVE : To sensitize to the environment damages caused by the quick economic emergence of South America for 3 decades 2nd OBJECTIVE : To make us think about sustainable solutions in keys sectors (food, energy, urban planning) 3d OBJECTIVE : To tie the actors they have met (NGO, associations, companies,…) andn connecting them thanks to their website. The trip started on January, 10th and finished on February, 20th. Here is the map of the trip :
The 6 web-documentaries will be from 10 to 15 min long and will be weekly broadcasted starting January 2013. Ekidina wants to offer its audience short and dynamic web documentaries in which everyone can get away and at the same time discover astonishing sustainable projects. For a quick overview you can take a peek at the documentairies’ trailer here: Image source: