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Partnering with ACT International from Pakistan

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It is our great pleasure to announce the partnership for Pakistan, with the local organization ACT International:

ACT International is a not-for-profit rights based national organization focusing on women, youth, children and marginalized segments of society. The organization particularly works with disadvantaged segments of society to empower communities by building peoples’ engagement, capacity and partnership focusing on women, youth and children for a better tomorrow. Organization aims to develop partnerships and innovative programmes with the support of development actors to contribute in the efforts of “Aiming Change for Tomorrow“. Vision: Aiming for a tomorrow where everyone has opportunities

 Mission: Empowering communities to recover progress and advance by building peoples’ engagement, capacity and partnership focusing women and children for a better tomorrow.


They pursue this mission through:

  · Grassroots institutional development and networking with local civil society groups and organizations;

 · Sustainable economic development that integrates livelihoods, education, health, infrastructure, environment, youth development, social cohesion and local leadership management;

 · Child development that integrates child rights, protection and improvement of service provision to reduce neglect, abuse and exploitation;

 · Partnerships with civil society and public sector organizations that promote harmony and cohesion amongst development partners, integration of development initiatives and accountability;

 · Policy advocacy that integrates evidence based research on socio-economic and political issues which are directly related to sustainable development of marginalized communities especially women and children;

 · Emergency relief services and recovery and rehabilitation initiatives that assist people affected by conflict or disaster


Program Approach

 ACT International works by adopting four pronged approach which creates equilibrium amongst all the major stakeholders including a) Charity through involving philanthropists; b) Engagement of local non- government organizations; c) Public Private Partnership (PPP); d) Outreach Program for provision of service delivery; by developing an approach of area based consortiums to build partnerships and ensure integration and cohesion during the implementation of development interventions.


 ·         Our mission and humanitarian values impels us to act for a better tomorrow

 ·         Participation for attaining ownership that leads to community empowerment

 ·         Transparency for making humanitarian action accountable to stakeholders

 ·         Equality for realizing the rights of disadvantaged and discriminated

 ·         Innovation for achieving excellence to up-bring the lives of marginalized

 ·         Responsibility for serving the underprivileged voluntarily


 ·         Social Mobilization

 ·         Education Programme

 ·         Child Protection Programme

 ·         Health and Nutrition Programme

 ·         Livelihoods Programme

 ·         Community Physical Infrastructure Programme

 ·         Youth Development Programme

 ·         Disaster Preparedness Programme

 ·         Governance

 More information’s are available at: To learn more about Pakistan:

Being social.

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Posted by Yula

We kept busy this weekend and with our web magazine reaching over half a million views (!) we thought it’s time to start connecting on social networks and thus help spread the word about the project.

Choose your preferred social network (or choose all!) and connect with us on:

Our Facebook Page:



You might be asking yourself what is the point for a educational non profit project to be on a social network. Here’s how we see it: We plan to use our social web presence to help people learn more about sustainability and sustainable development, providing them with useful and objective information, good practices and ideas. We will use our social web presence to connect people, encourage them to interact by facilitating the exchange of ideas and experiences. We will also try to inspire people to opt for a more sustainable lifestyle by sharing first hand information and experiences.

That’s not all! Our Project Team was keen on having a daily blog, to share less official and more what-goes-on-in-the-background-stuff, so you can read them daily on Tumblr :

Enjoy & connect!

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May Cover

Weekly News # 15 / Nektarina (S)pace May Issue coming up in five days!

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We are super excited about our Nektarina (S)pace May issue, due on April 30th. We are bringing you 200+ pages of great content and photographs, interviews and personal stories, one really great documentary and some inspiring artwork. We’ll make the magazine available on our E-Magazine tab on this website from May 1st, and, as with our previous issues, you’ll be able to read it online or download it as pdf for free, and read it offline on any pdf supporting devices. If you’d like to contribute to our upcoming issues, just drop us an email to , we would be happy to consider publishing your articles and photographs. Enjoy your weekend everyone!

We are looking for volunteers

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Posted by Yula Hey everyone, our project is really taking off, and we need some helping hands! Interested in volunteering or an internship? Let us know and we’ll work something out! Send us an email to We are a team of international enthusiasts, working together with our local partners, in a very dynamic and versatile environments. Having fun is compulsory :) Looking forward to having you on board!  Photo credits

Weekly News # 14 – The History of Sustainability / web publication

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  Our latest web publication The History of Sustainability is available online. The publication can be downloaded, for free, as a pdf, and you can read it on any of your mobile devices. It is printable in A4 format, but we urge you to consider your environmental responsibility before printing it. For your easier reference, we have added an E-Publications tab on our website, where you can easily find all our online publications. Don’t forget the E-Magazine tab, with all issues of our Nektarina (S)pace web magazine. Enjoy!

‘’Young People at the Centre of Sustainable Development’’ – the theme of the 8CYMM

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Dear colleagues,
I hope you are all doing well.
I’m pleased to inform you that from 15-19 April 2013, the Commonwealth Youth Programme (CYP) and the Government of Papua New Guinea are organising the 8th Commonwealth Youth Ministers Meeting (8CYMM) in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. The meeting is being held under the theme ‘’Young People at the Centre of Sustainable Development’’ and will enable Youth Ministers to explore topics related to youth development and the economic, social and political empowerment of young people. The meeting will be preceded by the Youth Leaders Forum, the Senior Officials Meeting and a Stakeholders Meeting.
I’m honored to represent the Commonwealth Youth Climate Change Network (CYCN) at this important meeting where I will also be a speaker on April 16th during the Youth Leaders Forum on ‘’The Post-2015 Development Agenda’’ and also on April 17th during the Opening Session of the 8CYMM where I will present the theme paper ‘’Young People at the Centre of Sustainable Development’’. My speaking slot will be entitled ‘’Development Through a Youth Lens’’ and will be preceded by the Keynote to be delivered by Mr Ahmad Alhendawi, the recently appointed UN Secretary General’s Envoy on Youth. I’m also happy to inform you that the CYP has assigned me to write the Theme Paper of the meeting ‘’Young People at the Centre of Sustainable Development’’. The paper received contribution from many young people and CYCN members, it is now ready and available to read. Find it online at This is the first time that a young person writes and will present the theme paper of the CYMM, taking place every 4 years. I would also like to require your support, mostly by promoting the event online (on Facebook or Twitter using the hastag #CYMM and #CYCN, etc) in order to inform as many Commonwealth youth as possible about this key opportunity we all have to enhance youth development and empowerment. Let me know if you have any question. You can learn more about the 8CYMM at: Thank you for being so supportive and let’s be in touch ! Jean Paul
Commonwealth Youth Climate Change Network [CYCN]