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Youth in Action on Climate Change

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(shared post) Dear colleagues,
I’m pleased to share with you a new publication entitled ‘‘Youth in Action on Climate Change. Youth in Action on Climate Change: Inspirations from Around the World” that the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) has been working with global young people to produce.
The objective of this new publication by the UNFCCC and the United Nations Joint Framework Initiative on Children, Youth and Climate Change is to highlight concrete work young people do to incite their governments and the international community to scale up action on climate change and raise ambition towards a post-2020 climate change regime. It is designed as a tool and a source of inspiration for developing and carrying out projects, initiatives and campaigns to increase awareness of the causes and impacts of climate change, promote sustainable lifestyles and advance green low-carbon development.
Some young people or organisations (like the NGO I belong to – see pages 66 and 67) submitted some work they have been doing at home. You can see them in the publication so please take the time to have a look. I can’t attach a copy to this email as the document is very heavy, so please download it on the UNFCCC website at

The United Nations Joint Framework Initiative on Children, Youth and Climate Change is also keen for organisations to make use of the report and promote on their own websites, social media etc. I will advise you to share it around you.
Yesterday June 11th the publication was launched at the UNFCCC Intersessionals Climate Change Negotiations at the Ministry for the Environment in Bonn, Germany.

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