For the love of…

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…tadpoles in springtime, snorkelling, swallows, coffee, cricket, coffee, chocolate…  

For the love of…’ is asking us what we hold dear that is threatened by climate change.  

Coordinated by The Climate Coalition, the campaign started a few month ago and is aiming to raise awareness on climate change, to encourage people to show that they care in order to push politicians to act.  

The Climate Coalition has been involved in lots of political lobbying, much of which has been successful, but it knows that in order to achieve political change now, our governments need to see that society is passionate about stopping climate change.  

People can take up the campaign themselves, and indeed many have already: the website is full of people’s personal stories of things they love, and the many member organisations of the Climate Coalition have been producing their own videos and posters based on the theme.  

What is also interesting is the thinking behind the campaign: the Climate Coalition aims to avoid a perhaps typical and somewhat abstract rhetoric on ‘environmental issues’ and instead looks to be more tangible, highlighting personal concerns and the effect climate change will have for these, embracing the diversity of interests of our population instead of projecting a single unifying voice.  

For the moment, ‘For the love of’ has been primarily UK based, but it is looking at expansion into other countries as it continues to motivate people to show why they care.

You can visit their website here, find out about what others love and add your own story.