Education for Sustainability drawing competition launched in Cameroon!

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Nektarina Non Profit has recently expanded its activities as part of the Education for Sustainability project (E4S) in three new countries, including Ghana, Sierra Leone and Cameroon. This expansion arises at a moment when the urgent need to educate citizens in general and young people in particular on sustainability all over the world is crucial for achieving a more sustainable planet. The role of these local representatives, is therefore fundamental for a successful project.

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In Cameroon our local representative of the E4S project, Jean Paul Brice Affana, is presently implementing a Children and Youth Drawing Competition and Teachers’ Workshop on Education for Sustainable Development. The drawing competition was officially launched on Monday 25th of August in Yaoundé, the capital city of Cameroon. The event took place in the Bilingual Primary School of Nkolndongo with the presence of students from Bastos Educative Centre the second school targeted by the project. Organized under the theme ‘‘Make a Green Wish for the Planet’’, the competition is opened to children and young people aged 10 to 20 years, and who are students or not. They are called to produce very attractive and inspiring drawings that reflect their vision and wish for a better planet where sustainable energy is used, waste recycling and management is better organized, and where all citizens protect their planet. Participants will have to ensure their entries connect to the contest theme and also highly related to education for sustainability, in its social, economic and environmental aspects.

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The launch of the activity started at 10 am and was held during four hours length. The first item was a welcoming word by the head of the school, followed by the presentation of the E4S project by our local representative who also presented the drawing competition theme and the expectations from and by the participants. He highlighted the importance for youth and children to take part in the contest and share their views and expectations about it. He added that amazing prizes that are to be won. All participants will benefit from educative talks and a closer support provided by the project team. After our local representative intervention, Mr. Emmanuel Sonwa, a representative from the working team, who developed the WWF Education for Sustainability Youth Strategy, made a short word.

This was followed by a cultural animation, which enabled a group of students from the hosting school to perform their traditional music. It was an amazing moment! Ahead of and during the launching, the E4S project team has distributed flyers with information about the competition. The event ended with an open-microphone for participants and served as a free space for people to express themselves and share their opinions about their understanding of the competition and the value of education for sustainable. The launching was finally ended around 2pm with a lot of music.

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After this great launching event, the E4S project will continue in Cameroon, and mainly in Yaoundé city, with the organization of four educative talks, two in each of the targeted school (Bilingual Primary School of Nkolndongo and Bastos Educative Centre). The educative talks will be held from 1-8 September and will enable youth and children from the schools to benefit from knowledge and information about the theme of the competition so that they are able to understand what is expected from them in a better way and later propose very good entries while participating. The E4S project team in Cameroon will facilitate the talks and will be going around the schools during the whole week.

Following the closing date for participating scheduled for end of September, twenty (20) winners of the competition will be selected by a jury which will meet and decide about the best entries. The winners will include ten (10) children aged 10 to 15 years and ten (10) young people aged 16 to 20 years. All winners will receive certificates and amazing prizes supported by Nektarina Non Profit.


Written by: Jean Paul Brice Affana, E4S Project Manager for Cameroon

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