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“My Green Planet”, schools’ competition in Pune, India

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100_0542 - Copy This March Zest Youth Movement from Pune, India, together with the international NGO Nektarina Non Profit, organized, as a part of the Education for Sustainability project, a schools drawing competition. The topic was “My Green Planet: How do you imagine Earth free from pollution, where waste is recycled and that runs on renewable energies?” Children used that as a direct idea, or as a metaphor to draw about a sustainable lifestyle, what sustainability means to them, or why it is important for all of us. Today we are sharing some amazing photographs from the competition, and in April we will share the drawings, for an online vote! A big shout out for our collegue Suresh More, who organized and carried out this fantastic event!   DSC_0033 DSC_0035 DSC_0048 IMG-20140319-WA0016 IMG-20140319-WA0018
youth in action publication

Youth in Action on Climate Change

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(shared post) Dear colleagues,
I’m pleased to share with you a new publication entitled ‘‘Youth in Action on Climate Change. Youth in Action on Climate Change: Inspirations from Around the World” that the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) has been working with global young people to produce.
The objective of this new publication by the UNFCCC and the United Nations Joint Framework Initiative on Children, Youth and Climate Change is to highlight concrete work young people do to incite their governments and the international community to scale up action on climate change and raise ambition towards a post-2020 climate change regime. It is designed as a tool and a source of inspiration for developing and carrying out projects, initiatives and campaigns to increase awareness of the causes and impacts of climate change, promote sustainable lifestyles and advance green low-carbon development.
Some young people or organisations (like the NGO I belong to – see pages 66 and 67) submitted some work they have been doing at home. You can see them in the publication so please take the time to have a look. I can’t attach a copy to this email as the document is very heavy, so please download it on the UNFCCC website at

The United Nations Joint Framework Initiative on Children, Youth and Climate Change is also keen for organisations to make use of the report and promote on their own websites, social media etc. I will advise you to share it around you.
Yesterday June 11th the publication was launched at the UNFCCC Intersessionals Climate Change Negotiations at the Ministry for the Environment in Bonn, Germany.

Weekly News # 20 – Join the UN Secretary General during a meeting with youth attending the UN Climate Talks

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(shared post) Hello everyone,
Please find below a copy of the briefing for the virtual meeting between YOUNGO and the UN Secretary General tomorrow. It would be great if you could share the information amongst your networks and use the #TellBanKiMoon hashtag to engage on twitter. I believe this will also be posted on the IYCM website shortly:
Youth #TellBanKiMoon at the UN Climate Talks
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon will host a meeting with youth who are currently attending the UN Climate Talks.
The virtual call between New York and Bonn will take place this Thursday, 13 June, 18:30-18:45 CET, and participants will be able to tune in through webcast and can engage on twitter using the #TellBanKiMoon hashtag to send their messages and ideas to the Secretary General on issues related to youth, climate change and intergenerational equity.
During the current round of climate negotiations, YOUNGO, the official youth constituency to The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), have stressed upon parties to institutionalise the principle of intergenerational Equity within the proposed 2015 climate change agreement.
In the midst of disputes between Russia and other parties this past week that have held up parts of the UNFCCC process, YOUNGO urged Poland, the hosts of the next climate conference (COP19), to inject ambition into the negotiations. Youth also pushed Poland to take the opportunity to make COP19 a pivotal point in history, where they can unite with the European Union and show the rest of the world how to tackle climate issues responsibly.
Addressing youth earlier this year, the Secretary-General called on the world’s youth to take the helm in steering the international community through its turbulent period of economic and political transition and towards a more “prosperous, equitable and peaceful future”. In response, youth are calling the Secretary General to ensure that they will be represented and given the space to indeed take a steering role in the high-level climate meeting of world leaders that Ban Ki-moon plans to convene next year, in order to mobilise political will and scale up commitments for the 2015 agreement.
Already in Bonn, YOUNGO helped to launch the Youth in Action  report. The publication, which features YOUNGO, highlights concrete action young people are taking to incite their governments to scale up action on climate change and raise ambition towards a post-2020 climate change regime.
Youth offered a reminder to negotiators at Bonn that “people’s lives and our futures are ticking away”. Of all the participants involved in the UN Climate Conference in Bonn, it will be youth who will grow up in the world that is currently being negotiated.
Jean Paul ………………………………. Jean Paul Brice Affana Youth and Action Instructor, Founder Coordinator Vital Actions for Sustainable Development [AVD]
June Cover

Nektarina (S)pace web magazine June issue is out!

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  Our June issue of web magazine Nektarina (S)pace is out! This month we are talking about oceans with Rianna Gonzales from Trinidad and Tobago, we are seeing the Arctic through Kevin Buckland’s eyes, we are enjoying and experiencing art (and more art), we are discussing veganism, saving water and energy, and we are talking about education for sustainability practices in Moldova and Australia. There is much more content inside (300 pages this month!!), and some truly amazing photography (Cameroon photo essay is a must-see). We are extremely proud of this issue, and it was truly a joint effort of everyone involved , so many people wanted to contribute, and the result is absolutely stunning mixture between art, environment and social topics. We are thrilled about our new Editor-At-Large, Bettina Nada Fellov, who will be contributing content for every issue – she did such an amazing job this month! Enjoy reading!  

Apply for great funded Internships at the UN Climate Change Convention (UNFCCC)

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  (shared post)

Hi guys, 

This could be an excellent opportunity for some of you!

We are please to share with our networks a call for submission of applications for IUCN-funded internship opportunities to be awarded to and taken up by successfully selected candidates at the Secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and its Kyoto Protocol (UNFCCC secretariat) in the city of Bonn, Germany.

Applications may be submitted directly to the IUCN Global Gender Office from 23 May and closure date as 20 June 2013 after which applicants will be evaluated based on the eligibility criteria as set out below.
This call for submissions is restricted to prospective applicants who have successfully completed an undergraduate degree and are enrolled and studying towards their Master degree (or equivalent of) at a recognized university or equivalent institution.  Importantly, at the time of application – and during the entire period of the internship – all applicants must be full-time students pursuing their Master degree (or equivalent of). Such studies should be in a field related to UNFCCC secretariat’s work on climate change adaptation and mitigation, and on gender.  Only applicants from countries considered most vulnerable to the effects of climate change, i.e. Least Developed Countries (LDCs) will be considered. Female applicants, in particular, are strongly encouraged to apply.
The objective of this internship is to provide opportunities to a small number of students with practical, substantive experience on climate change mitigation and adaption and other related work and projects at the UNFCCC secretariat in Bonn, including gender mainstreaming in these areas. All interns will be expected to conduct analysis on gender mainstreaming in both adaptation and mitigation and on activities relating to mandates of the UNFCCC secretariat.  These internships will be for a maximum duration of 3 months.
In addition to the requirements of the UNFCCC secretariat, and at the end of their internship, all selected interns will be required to present a written report to the IUCN detailing the activities undertaken, as well as lessons learned and findings from the internship which the interns may find of relevance for their future studies and to the climate change and gender community by enlarge.
IUCN shall provide a once-off lump sum of USD 5,000 to each intern to defray living- and travel expenses associated with their internship.  IUCN will not be responsible for any other expenses the selected interns may need to incur.
Minimum Eligibility Criteria
In order to apply for this IUCN-funded internship, all applicants must fulfill the following criteria :
  • Nationality: all applicants must be citizens and current resident of one of the countries listed ( at the time of application.
  • Educational Status: all applicants must have completed an undergraduate degree and must be enrolled in a university programme, and working towards a fulltime Master degree (or equivalent of). Applicants pursuing their studies in countries where higher education is not divided into undergraduate and postgraduate stages should have completed at least four years of study and be a student at the time of application and during the period of internship.
  • Languages: Applicants should be able to work in English (oral and written).
Selection process
On the basis of the above minimum eligible criteria, IUCN will compile an initial list of eligible candidates that will be forwarded along with the relevant application documents to the UNFCCC secretariat for its review and further processing in accordance with UNFCCC rules and regulations.  UNFCCC secretariat conditions governing internships can be accessed on its webpage through this link:
Except as provided herein, all candidates would need to meet the requirements and satisfy the conditions stated on UNFCCC secretariat’s webpage.  UNFCCC secretariat will make the final decision on which eligible candidate(s) is/are selected and engaged for the internship at the UNFCCC headquarters in Bonn, Germany.  All candidates selected by the UNFCCC secretariat will need to conclude an Internship Agreement directly with the UNFCCC secretariat.
Applications from prospective interns may be forwarded by e-mail to:
Applications should include the following:
  • A recent detailed Curriculum Vitae;
  • A clearly set-out explanatory paper indicating the reason for requesting an internship and intended goals to be achieved if selected (+-1,000 words).
  • Confirmation of availability (month)
Questions about the internship can be sent by e-mail to:

Weekly News # 18: reRoute – Building Youth and Student Power for a New Economy

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  (shared post) This summer join a diverse generation of students, practitioners, and organizers from across the US and Canada to share strategies, tools, and stories about the movement to build a more just and sustainable economy from the ground up in our communities and on our campuses. reRoute: Building Youth and Student Power for a New Economy will bring together activists in their teens, twenties, and thrities dedicated to systemic change, economic democracy, and environmental justice for three days, July 19-21 at New York University. Early registration is on a “pay-what-you-can-afford” basis through July 5 and some travel scholarships are available. Hostel accommodations available through NEI only until June 12th. You can learn more and register at www.neweconomicsinstitute/
reroute or by emailing Programming is still being finalized but confirmed panels and workshops include: Pathways to a New Economy with David Wood, Institute for Responsible Investment; Maliha Safri, US Solidarity Economy Network; Alexa Bradley, On the Commons; Ed Whitfield, Fund for Democratic Communities, moderated by Atlee McFellin, Symcenter Making a Living in the New Economy with Elandria Williams, Highlander Center; Farah Tanis, Black Women’s Blueprint; Jessie Reilly, TimebanksNYC; Juliet Schor, Boston College, moderated by Joshua Stephens, NYC-based co-op developer Financing a New Economy with Deyanira del Rio, Neighborhood Economic Development Advocacy Project; Steve Wong, the Working World; Lauren Ressler, Responsible Endowments Coalition, moderated by Kenneth Edusei, SolidarityNYC Teaching and Learning a New Economics with Renaud Girac, University of Quebec; Brian Kelly, US Society for Ecological Economics; Olivia Geiger, University of Massachusetts-Amherst, moderated by Keith Harrington, New School Fossil Fuel Divestment and Beyond – Responsible Endowments Coalition Possibilities For Participatory Budgeting – Participatory Budgeting Greensboro Food Justice and The New Economy – CoFED and Mariposa Food Co-op Building Political Power for a New Economy– SolidarityNYC/Philadelphia Co-op Alliance Can The Economics Curriculum Be Reformed?  Lessons From Activists In France and Quebec – PEPS / Horizons Economiques The Real Food Challenge: Uniting Students For A Just And Sustainable Food System – Real Food Challenge Mapping The New Economy – Commons Cooperative/Solidarity NYC How To Start A Worker Co-op – WORC’N Non-hierarchical Staffing Structures – North American Students Of Cooperation Bringing Solidarity Home: creating alternative housing economies through cooperative living – NASCO Timebanks Coast To Coast – Timebanks NYC/Bay Area Community Exchange Democratic and Cooperative Leadership —AORTA Collective We’ll also be offering solidarity economy tours of Brooklyn on Friday.