Tree planting celebration in Pune’s Bio Diversity Park

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Last Friday, 12th of August, was a very special day for us, here at Nektarina. We were celebrating the International Youth Day and our 7th anniversary with a very inspiring activity organized by Suresh More, our E4S Project Manager in India: a tree planting in the city of Pune.

The activity took place early in the morning in the area of Katraj Gujarwadi inside the Bio Diversity Park reservation on the city’s hills and involved the participation of around 60 young children aged 3 to 5 years old, teachers, and representatives of the “Little Diamond” school.

Fifty trees provided by the school, organizers, and supporters of the activity were planted in the Bio Diversity Park reservation, which is an important protected area managed by Pune Municipal Corporation consisting of 978.540 hectares of land on the hills surrounding the city.


The protected area was created after vast areas of the hills were severely deforested for timber and infrastructural use in the 2000s. Ever since, Pune Municipal Corporation has been protecting the area and promoting its reforestation as the total area represents more than 90% of the city’s green areas, thus has the potential to become the green lungs of this rapid growing city.

We are very satisfied to have been able to organize this meaningful activity involving children from such a young age. The tree planting activity is not only a source of inspiration and knowledge for children and their communities, it also helps to connect and create a bond with nature, with the land, with the origin and growth of a tree, its needs and care. At the same time we are glad to have contributed a little with the reforestation of this area of the city that was formerly so neglected and abused.

We are confident that the experience and the enthusiasm that our young participants showed during the tree planting activity will stay with them forever.

In trees and children there is always hope!

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Nektarina Non Profit celebrates its 7th foundation anniversary!

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We have prepared this blog entry because today is a very special day for our organization Nektarina Non Profit as we celebrate our 7th birthday.

Every 12th of August for the past 7 years has been a very meaningful day to our organization. Each year we realize how fortunate we have been to keep working in what we believe and love, in spite of any of the difficulties we have encountered along our way.

We feel so proud of all the hard work our organization has taken since its foundation back in 2009 that we want to share with you in this article just a little about what we have been doing ever since.

Nektarina Non Profit was founded in Croatia 7 years ago with one broad idea in mind: highlighting the issues that affect us all globally as a part of the big Earth community. Highlighting them by raising awareness and inspiring action, but most importantly by educating and sharing knowledge about them.

Ever since, the projects we have implemented and collaborated with, have lead us to work mainly on sustainability in its three dimensions: social, environmental, and economic. Specially we have focused to target the younger generations. Not only because they are one of the most affected groups by our unsustainable ways, but because of their potential to shift our world towards a sustainable future.

One of the most relevant examples of our work were the “European Citizens’ Initiatives Youth Forums” organized during 2011 and 2012 across different countries in Central, Eastern and South East Europe, Russia, the Mediterranean and Central Asia. The forums gathered teenagers, students and young professionals to learn, share ideas, knowledge, and inspire action on climate change, sustainable consumption, carbon footprint, renewable energy, and other related topics. The forums were delivered in partnership with the international organizations of the Earth Day Network, 10:10, and the Global Campaign for Climate Action – TckTckTck.

In 2011 we published our first cookbook, “Low Carbon and Delicious”, which shares over 50 recipes accompanied by beautiful pictures from 17 countries around the Mediterranean, providing a simple insight of what “low carbon food” means and how anyone can make a positive impact on the environment from their own kitchen and diet. Don’t miss checking out this colorful, inspiring and simple-to-use cookbook with a low carbon twist here.

Also at the end of that busy year of 2011, we were able to put into practice one of the fundamental pillars of our organization with the Education for Sustainability project. The project emerged from our belief that education is the most important way to bring a fundamental shift in how we think and act towards one another and our planet. Therefore we designed the project with one broad aim: putting sustainability in the curricula of every school.

The implementation of the project has not always been easy but we are proud to say that although the challenges we have faced, Education for Sustainability as of today, is the most important project of our organization. We will continue to put all our efforts to keep it that way and to work towards our goal in the years to come.

If you want to find more about our organization or the Education for Sustainability project, you can find additional information in our websites. We also invite you to get in touch with us if you have any questions or ideas you would like to share with us. Nektarina non Profit and Education for Sustainability are also present in Facebook and Twitter. Stay in touch and up-to-date with our latest work and news following our social networks.

Twitter @nektarina and @edu4sustain

Facebook @nektarinanonprofit  and @Edu4Sustainability

Finally we would like to thank all the people and organizations that have supported or collaborated with us during all these years. We hope to keep connecting with new and past organizations, volunteers, colleagues, students, teachers, etc. But most of all, we hope we keep inspiring one another in our work towards a sustainable world.

Note: Nektarina Non Profit, now based in the UK, is the initiator and leading organization of the Education for Sustainability project.


International Youth Day: Drawing competition

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This upcoming Friday the 12th of August will be a very special day for Nektarina Non Profit.

First of all because we will be celebrating the 7th anniversary of our organization and secondly because Nektarina’s birthday coincides with a very important world day celebration: the International Youth Day as established since 1999 by the United Nations General Assembly.

Especially this year’s International Youth Day means a lot to our organization, not only because we mainly work with youths, but because 2016 theme “Youth Leading Sustainability – The Road to 2030: Eradicating Poverty and Achieving Sustainable Consumption and Production” directly relates to our mission for working towards a sustainable world.


Nektarina will be celebrating these important dates by fostering a drawing competition among school children and youths in the city of Pune in India with the theme “Healthy and Sustainable Earth”. The activity is part of our Education for Sustainability project and aims to showcase children’s and youth’s views and thoughts about a healthy and sustainable Earth. At the same time, the activity will encourage the creativity and expression of children and youths, and most of all, it will allow them to reflect about how they can contribute to a healthy and sustainable Earth in their daily lives.

Zest Youth Movement, our India partner, is on the ground organizing the activity and encouraging as much schools as possible to participate in the competition.

The activity will be taking place during the month of August and we expect to have a great number of participants aged between 7 and 14 years old, which will be divided into a junior and senior category. Each group category will be given 2 different subtopics for them to choose and dedicate their drawing in relation to the main theme of a “Healthy and Sustainable Earth”.

We expect to have a selection of the best drawings by the end of August. The selection criteria will be based on the relation with the topics and the overall message of the drawing. Students with the best drawings will receive a prize and a certificate of recognition for their outstanding participation.

We look forward to start seeing the surely amazing works that participants will be creating and we hope you too. Keep checking out for more updates about the competition in our social networks and don’t miss our special blog entry that we will publish on Friday to celebrate Nektarina’s birthday.

Let’s celebrate our youth and keep working to achieve a more prosperous and sustainable Earth for all!


2016 World Environment Day celebration

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Last Sunday the 12th of June, Nektarina Non Profit and its local partner in India, Zest Youth Movement celebrated together for the third consecutive year the UNEP – World Environment Day (WED) with a special event in the city Pune.

Each year the WED day is organized around a theme or pressing environmental issue. This year’s chosen theme focused on the illegal trade of wildlife under the slogan Go Wild for Life – Zero Tolerance for the Illegal Wildlife Trade.

Around 250 people participated in out event. The wide majority were children and youths but also whole families, members of other social organizations, and public officials, attended.


The event was officially inaugurated by Pune Municipal Corporation Member, Ms. Bhratitai Kadam who was welcomed by our E4S – Country Manager Mr. Suresh More, with the symbolic present of a small tree.


An environmental rally commenced early in the morning at 7:30 and went from Sarasbaug to Shniwarwada streets. During the rally participants identified with a special T-shirt, walked in procession carrying banners, flags, and other messages to spread awareness about the environment and how to protect and take care of it.


Afterwards a community clean-up took place at the Mutha river bank in support to the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan or Clean India Mission national government campaign.


Finally on a big banner displayed until the end of our event, participants were invited to write and share environmental related messages.

We are very proud of having contributed with our celebration to raise awareness of the need to preserve our environment and all species living on it because we all depend on the well-being of our planet.

A special thank you to all the participants and supporters of our event. We look forward to organizing our next activity in Pune.


To look at more pictures of our event please follow this link:

Medical camp in Pune, May 2016

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Last Thursday 12th May in Pune, Nektarina Non Profit and Zest Youth Movement co-hosted the second respiratory health check up camp in so far this year.

Aware that one of the biggest environmental problems in India is air pollution and the consequent effects that it has in respiratory health, we have been conducting these medical camps in Pune since 2014 and we will continue to do so every 3 months during the rest of 2016.


In this occasion, the event took place at Dr Shama Prasad Mukhrji Udyan Erandawane public garden from 7:30 am until 10:30 am.

Around 80 people attended the health camp. The majority of the beneficiaries were adults above 35 years old, who received a pulmonary function test and a follow up advice session with a doctor to provide them with useful information about respiratory health.


At the previous camp held in January we provided approximately 60 tests and we are looking forward to the next camp where we will hopefully be able to continue increasing our capacity for free evaluation and advice. The next camp will be arranged in a couple of months and dates will be announced when we have confirmed the details.

If you have any questions or queries, please feel free to contact Suresh More, the India country manager for E4S and organiser of the camp, at

Collage exhibition and school’s recognition ceremony

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Last Wednesday 13th April Nektarina Non Profit and Zest Youth Movement successfully hosted in Pune the opening of a collage exhibition and a schools’ recognition ceremony.

The events started at 10:30 am at the Indradhnushya Environment Education & Citizenship Centre with the attendance of participant students, parents, teachers, members of peer organisations, and special guests.

Dr. S. N. Patahn, Vice President of India Council for Cultural Relations, Ministry of External Affairs, and former Vice Chancellor of Nagpur University; inaugurated the exhibition and an officer from the Pune Municipal Environment Corporation was also present.

A selection of around two hundred collage works made with only waste material by students from 5th to 10th grade was set up for the exhibition which remained open to the public for three more days.

During the schools’ recognition ceremony, special guests were given a small plant that was watered by students as a way to symbolize the nourishing experience that the collage competition signified for participating students.


E4S country manager, Suresh More delivered the initial speech in which he gave detailed information about the project and the recent collage competition. He also thanked for the enthusiastic participation of schools authorities and students in all the activities that have been implemented as part of the project.

A message from Nektarina’s Co-Founder, Sandra Antonovic was read by one of Zest Youth Movement’s volunteer, thanking the wide support that the E4S project has had since it began its implementation in India almost 3 years ago.

Afterwards S.N Pathan handed appreciation certificates to schools as a gesture to acknowledge the on-going support and participation of schools to the E4S project and its activities.


Finally, after the ceremony students and teachers got the chance to share their experiences about their participation in the collage competition, and do some brainstorming and an exchange of ideas and opinions with the experienced guests that attended the event.


You can see more pictures from the events at our flickr page:  


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This past autumn, during the last Diwali Holiday, (Festival of Lights) in India, we launched a collage competition among students of schools in the Pune region.

The main goal of this contest was to gather the maximum number possible of children and youths to raise awareness on environmental problems and possible solutions; demonstrate how they can be more sustainable in their daily lives; and facilitate an exchange of ideas between them.

Letters were sent to schools to inform them about the competition, and many students participated. The response in general was very much positive: 13 schools in the Pune region participated, with around 1,500 students from 5th to 10th grade, (10 to 17 years old), divided in two groups.

Children and youths were very enthusiastic and did beautiful and original creations. More pictures of their work are available in our photo gallery. Teachers’ cooperation was crucial and they did also enjoy taking part in the initiative.


With the competition we aimed at raising awareness about the role of children and youths as the hope of the future, and the need to understand from a young age, about the impact that all our activities have in our world. By participating in this competition they were not only able to discuss about their ideas with other children their age; but understand nature should not be harmed, but respected and protected, as it is from nature where all our resources come from.

In this competition we encouraged the participation of more schools from the Municipal section, as these government schools do not have many opportunities to participate in such activities that create awareness about the environment.

At the end of the contest a ceremony was celebrated. The three best collages in each category were awarded with a diploma, writing pads and a diary. The prizes were given by the Principals of the Schools and the Representative Teacher, all in presence of the students who were proud and satisfied by the results of their work.

In the next weeks, an exhibition to show case the best works will be organized in Pune.