International Youth Day: Drawing competition

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This upcoming Friday the 12th of August will be a very special day for Nektarina Non Profit.

First of all because we will be celebrating the 7th anniversary of our organization and secondly because Nektarina’s birthday coincides with a very important world day celebration: the International Youth Day as established since 1999 by the United Nations General Assembly.

Especially this year’s International Youth Day means a lot to our organization, not only because we mainly work with youths, but because 2016 theme “Youth Leading Sustainability – The Road to 2030: Eradicating Poverty and Achieving Sustainable Consumption and Production” directly relates to our mission for working towards a sustainable world.


Nektarina will be celebrating these important dates by fostering a drawing competition among school children and youths in the city of Pune in India with the theme “Healthy and Sustainable Earth”. The activity is part of our Education for Sustainability project and aims to showcase children’s and youth’s views and thoughts about a healthy and sustainable Earth. At the same time, the activity will encourage the creativity and expression of children and youths, and most of all, it will allow them to reflect about how they can contribute to a healthy and sustainable Earth in their daily lives.

Zest Youth Movement, our India partner, is on the ground organizing the activity and encouraging as much schools as possible to participate in the competition.

The activity will be taking place during the month of August and we expect to have a great number of participants aged between 7 and 14 years old, which will be divided into a junior and senior category. Each group category will be given 2 different subtopics for them to choose and dedicate their drawing in relation to the main theme of a “Healthy and Sustainable Earth”.

We expect to have a selection of the best drawings by the end of August. The selection criteria will be based on the relation with the topics and the overall message of the drawing. Students with the best drawings will receive a prize and a certificate of recognition for their outstanding participation.

We look forward to start seeing the surely amazing works that participants will be creating and we hope you too. Keep checking out for more updates about the competition in our social networks and don’t miss our special blog entry that we will publish on Friday to celebrate Nektarina’s birthday.

Let’s celebrate our youth and keep working to achieve a more prosperous and sustainable Earth for all!


2015 Collage Competition in Pune

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We are going to be sharing the results and winners of our essay competition very soon, but before we do that, we have a new activity to announce!

We are holding a collage competition in Pune. This will be similar to our Best Out of Waste competition, as participants are invited to create a piece of collage art using waste materials.

While the Best Out of Waste competition aimed to demonstrate that much of what we throw away can be used in a practical and useful way, this competition is to demonstrate that art and beauty can also be found in the most unexpected places, and it is possible to create something special out of what people were throwing away.

After the competition is over, we will be arranging an exhibit to show off as many of the entries as we can. This is so the children involved can compare and share ideas, and will encourage cooperation and lateral thinking. It will also be a great experience for them to see their art in a display.

Here are the regulations of the competition:

  • For 5th to 7th std (junior group), the collages can be on any topic the participant wants, from sports to animals or anything between.
  • For 8th To 10th std (senior group), the collages should feature a landscape scene.
  • Collages should be on standard A4 paper/card.
  • We would like children to complete their collages over Diwali holidays. The entries will then be collected when school resumes.

We can’t wait to see what the participants create. If you want any further information, don’t hesitate to contact us – you can email the event organiser, our E4S India Country Manager Suresh, on suresh[at]nektarinanonprofit[dot]com

Tree Planting in Ghana

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In late July, Nektarina Non-Profit and its local partners Peter & Lisa Organization Ghana (PLOG) conducted a large scale activity planting over 200 trees in selected spaces in the Volta region of Ghana.

Over a hundred school children joined in the event, getting their hands dirty and assisting with the tree planting. There were also people from the local communities, teachers, parents, and representatives from the District Chief Office, the Education Ministry, the Forestry Commision, and NADMO, along with anyone else who wanted to participate – the event was open to all.

The trees were planted around the Quarters Area in Jasikan, with particular attention given to the hospital project land. The planned hospital will be a great benefit to the entire region and the country as a whole, so being involved in readying the plot of land with our trees was a huge honour for PLOG and Nektarina.

While the children involved thoroughly enjoyed themselves, enthusiastically getting involved with digging and planting, they were also fascinated by the reasons why we were engaging in this activity. After some educational activities and awareness talks, they left with a new appreciation for this most vital part of our environment.

PLOG and Nektarina will care for and maintain the sapling trees for six months, at which point the Teak trees will be robust enough to continue growing without frequent care. Teak trees can grow to be well over 20m tall and frequently live to be hundreds of years old (the oldest is over 1,500), so the tree planting activity was not only a fantastic experience for everyone in attendance, but will continue to provide joy to the region for many years to come.

teak treeSuch was the success of this event, the team have been asked to take on an additional tree planting activity, this time taking place over 2 days (30th – 31st October), planting around 3,000 trees!

With over 300 children expected to attend, this activity aims to educate them on the importance of environmental sustainability, particularly within their local communities. It will also teach the value of carbon offsetting, and promote tree planting as a key way people can offset their carbon footprints. This will be tied together with general lessons about climate change and the importance of forests in regulating our environment.

Representatives from multiple government bodies are expected to be in attendance, including the Ministry of Education; the Ministry of Environment, Science, & Technology; the Ministry of Lands & Forestry; the Forestry Commission; the Environmental Protection Agency; and the National Disaster Management Organisation. Mr. Abrampah Kilian, the District Assembly Chief Executive of Jasikan, is also expected to appear at the event. Peter Nana, the Country Manager for Ghana for Education for Sustainability, says “I can’t wait to bring this activity to the children, many of whom will not have had the opportunity to participate in a similar exercise. It is vital that we instil the value of a sustainable life as early as possible, and this is a great start to that.”

In cooperation with the Forestry Research Department, teak trees have been selected to plant, because of their capacity to have a positive impact on the environment by oxygenating the air, by providing stability to the ground, and by acting as windbreakers.

Essay Competition in India

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IYD_20152 copy

We are celebrating International Youth Day this year (August 12th) with an essay competition in India. We are inviting all schools in the Pune region to get involved, and we’ve provided a selection of topics for children to write about.

The topic for 5th to 7th std (junior group)

  • Are Our Festivals Causing Pollution?
  • Cycling For A Greener Earth
  • Trees: Our Best Friends


The topics for 8th To 10th std (senior group)

  • How Can We Control Global Warming?
  • A Green Earth Through Renewable Energy
  • Conventional Farming vs. Organic Farming

Essays should be 200 words maximum.

You can find out more by downloading our invitation letter from this post, or by getting in touch with Suresh More, the India E4S project manager, at

The date of International Youth Day also happens to be Nektarina’s birthday – we are six this year! So please encourage all school children in India to get involved and participate in this competition to make sure we have an excellent birthday!

Invitation Letter

Participating in the 15th Delhi Sustainable Development Summit

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Nektarina, together with its Indian partner Zest Youth Movement, is glad to inform on its participation in the 15th Delhi Sustainable Development Summit (DSDS) that will take place in New Delhi, India from 5-7 of February 2015.

DSDS flyer

“The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), since 2001, annually organizes the DSDS, an International Summit to facilitate the exchange of knowledge on all aspects of sustainable development. Over the past 14 years, the Summit has hosted 37 current and former Heads of State, ministers from over 50 countries, and delegates from across continents. Each year, the Summit brings together Heads of State and Government, Nobel Laureates, business leaders, and academicians to address issues of global sustainability.”


DSDS 15 will take place under the theme “”Sustainable Development Goals and Dealing with Climate Change”. This year is indeed marked by a crucial agenda on the way towards sustainable development through the framework of the Post-2015 Development Agenda definition process and launch, and the negotiations towards an agreement under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) expected to be reached in the 21st Conference of the Parties in December 2015.

We are active in India since 2012 to implementing the Education for Sustainability project by approaching governmental institutions in order to convince them that teaching sustainable development at youngest ages in school is a necessity, networking among local, national and international organisations having similar goals, conducting a series of activities and events with schools and civil society and promoting our goal in the media, online and offline.

Fostered by the positive feedbacks and encouraging progress we made so far, we see our participation to DSDS 2015 as a great opportunity to spread our word and contribute to the way toward a sustainable India.

For more information about DSDS: Official website

Online vote launch for the schools drawing competition in Pune, India

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We are happy to announce that the online vote to select the winner of the current drawing competition in Pune, India, has been launched.

More than 2500 pupils from 10 elementary and secondary schools in Pune, India, participated in the drawing competition organized by Zest Youth Movement, together with Nektarina Non Profit, under the topic “Happy lifestyle: What does happiness means to you? How do you imagine a joyful and cheerful world and how could we envisage to reach it?

The 15 best drawings have been preselected to participate to a final online vote.

Have a look to the great drawings made by the children and contribute by simply ‘liking’ your favourite drawing on our Facebook page before the 25th of September.

Good luck to the participants!


Education for Sustainability drawing competition launched in Cameroon!

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Nektarina Non Profit has recently expanded its activities as part of the Education for Sustainability project (E4S) in three new countries, including Ghana, Sierra Leone and Cameroon. This expansion arises at a moment when the urgent need to educate citizens in general and young people in particular on sustainability all over the world is crucial for achieving a more sustainable planet. The role of these local representatives, is therefore fundamental for a successful project.

E4S Cameroon_Launching4

In Cameroon our local representative of the E4S project, Jean Paul Brice Affana, is presently implementing a Children and Youth Drawing Competition and Teachers’ Workshop on Education for Sustainable Development. The drawing competition was officially launched on Monday 25th of August in Yaoundé, the capital city of Cameroon. The event took place in the Bilingual Primary School of Nkolndongo with the presence of students from Bastos Educative Centre the second school targeted by the project. Organized under the theme ‘‘Make a Green Wish for the Planet’’, the competition is opened to children and young people aged 10 to 20 years, and who are students or not. They are called to produce very attractive and inspiring drawings that reflect their vision and wish for a better planet where sustainable energy is used, waste recycling and management is better organized, and where all citizens protect their planet. Participants will have to ensure their entries connect to the contest theme and also highly related to education for sustainability, in its social, economic and environmental aspects.

E4S Cameroon_Launching2

The launch of the activity started at 10 am and was held during four hours length. The first item was a welcoming word by the head of the school, followed by the presentation of the E4S project by our local representative who also presented the drawing competition theme and the expectations from and by the participants. He highlighted the importance for youth and children to take part in the contest and share their views and expectations about it. He added that amazing prizes that are to be won. All participants will benefit from educative talks and a closer support provided by the project team. After our local representative intervention, Mr. Emmanuel Sonwa, a representative from the working team, who developed the WWF Education for Sustainability Youth Strategy, made a short word.

This was followed by a cultural animation, which enabled a group of students from the hosting school to perform their traditional music. It was an amazing moment! Ahead of and during the launching, the E4S project team has distributed flyers with information about the competition. The event ended with an open-microphone for participants and served as a free space for people to express themselves and share their opinions about their understanding of the competition and the value of education for sustainable. The launching was finally ended around 2pm with a lot of music.

E4S Cameroon_Launching1

After this great launching event, the E4S project will continue in Cameroon, and mainly in Yaoundé city, with the organization of four educative talks, two in each of the targeted school (Bilingual Primary School of Nkolndongo and Bastos Educative Centre). The educative talks will be held from 1-8 September and will enable youth and children from the schools to benefit from knowledge and information about the theme of the competition so that they are able to understand what is expected from them in a better way and later propose very good entries while participating. The E4S project team in Cameroon will facilitate the talks and will be going around the schools during the whole week.

Following the closing date for participating scheduled for end of September, twenty (20) winners of the competition will be selected by a jury which will meet and decide about the best entries. The winners will include ten (10) children aged 10 to 15 years and ten (10) young people aged 16 to 20 years. All winners will receive certificates and amazing prizes supported by Nektarina Non Profit.


Written by: Jean Paul Brice Affana, E4S Project Manager for Cameroon