Bristol’s Big Green Week

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Guest post by The Schumacher Society   In the words of Festival chair Jonathon Porritt, ‘the Big Green Week has been designed to inspire and empower people, to give them a feel for so much of the creative thinking and practical action that is going on all around.’ The very first BIG Green Week festival programme features one hundred events over nine days in Bristol, from Saturday 9th to Sunday 17th June – and seven of those days will have a Schumacher Lecture as the main event of the evening – making this the largest Schumacher Lectures ever. To find out more about the Big Green Week, The Schumacher Lectures, speaker’s line up and topics, please visit The Schumacher Society web page. The Schumacher Society promotes the wisdom and insight of E.F. Schumacher to inspire a new generation who are seeking relevant and practical solutions to heal a world in crisis and build a sane, humane and ecological society. The Schumacher Society is named after economist and philosopher Dr. E.F. Schumacher, author of ‘Small is Beautiful’, ‘The Guide for the Perplexed’, ‘Good Work’ and ‘This I Believe’. Schumacher is widely acknowledged as the originator of many concepts on the theory and practice of sustainable development. The Schumacher Society is above all else engaged in educational work. Tangible expressions of this are the Schumacher Lectures, Schumacher Briefings, the Schumacher Book Service, Resurgence Magazine, Green Books Publishing House and Schumacher College. 2012 focuses a lot on water and food sustainability. To give you an idea of Schumacher lectures, we are happy to share with you one of the lectures from previous Schumacher events, a lecture by Carolyn Steel. Carolyn Steel is author of ‘Hungry City’, which explored the relationships between food and cities. In this talk, Carolyn investigates the following: Can food production be central to town life and urban planning? Prepare to be inspired.   For more lectures from The Schumacher Society events, please visit the Dartington’s You Tube page.