Our partners

Pet & Lisa Organization Ghana (PLOG)

Pet & Lisa Organization Ghana (PLOG) is a registered Non-profit, non-governmental organization founded in January 2011 in Ghana to recruit, support, educate, empower and establish the poor, needy, orphaned, abused, street, rescued and homeless Children/Youth in their future livelihood and career development.

United for Education and Sustainable Futures (UESF)

UESF is an Austrian non-profit, non-government association created to address and help to tackle challenges of lack of education around the world while supporting and promoting international conventions on human rights and universal standards of living for all human beings. UESF mobilizes resources to support projects around the world especially in developing countries. Our vision is to eradicate illiteracy and poverty in affected regions.

Kiradi Initiatives Sierra Leone

The Kiradi initiative is a voluntary non-political action group that strives for the protection of the basic human rights of vulnerable rural people and the promotion of the concept of education for sustainable development in Sierra Leone. Teachers, social workers and the rural people themselves established it. It works in partnership with other international groups out of respect for vulnerable rural people and the worldwide effort to promoting the ideals of sustainability.

The initiative places emphasis on ideas that seek to foster the embedding of sustainable development as a compulsory subject of the national school curricula, vocational training program and spreading such concept across the board.

The initiatives work is also largely directed to rendering services based on identified challenges as derived from the rural communities. It seeks to inculcate in its members and beneficiaries the relevance of networking, nationally and internationally, understanding their roles as activists in the sustainable development process and helping them realize that they have the power to collectively and gradually change their quality of life for peaceful co existence and harmony with nature. The initiative works with school pupils , youth , local councils, civil society organizations and other institutions across the country to help create a focal point for action so that they can become visionary and devoted to uphold the aims and objectives of the association through networking, sharing information and reciprocal support.

Zest Youth Movement (ZYM), India

The Zest Youth Movement is a national Youth movement working to empower children and young people to take an active role in society and fight for their right. ZYM educates them on the basis of the values of equality, democracy, peace, cooperation and friendship. It seeks to improve the situations of youth in relation to the priority areas like Education, Employment, Hunger, Poverty, Health, Environment, Girls and Young Women, Globalization, Information and Communication Technologies, and International relations.

ACT International, Pakistan

ACT International is a not-for-profit rights based national organization focusing on women, youth, children and marginalized segments of society. The organization particularly works with disadvantaged segments of society to empower communities by building people’s engagement, capacity and partnership focusing on women, youth and children for a better tomorrow.