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April and May Medical Camps in Pune – 2017

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Since our last blog entry in February, we have held two meaningful events happening in Pune that we would like to share with our readers.

As some of you might know since 2014 we have been delivering, in association with Pune Doctors Association, free health check-ups to different vulnerable groups as part of our Education for SustainabilityE4S project.

On this occasion we held our first health camp of the year on April 6th at the “Senadatta Balak Mandir Prathmik Vidya Mandir School” benefiting around 70 students aged between 2 and 12 years. The check-up included a general medical examination where factors such as height, weight, temperature, oxygen level, pulse, etc. were measured.


Also a dental, ear-nose-throat examination was done, and the overall development of the children was evaluated. In the end, a report for each children was compiled and given to the teachers and parents.


Our second health camp was organized just last Wednesday May 25th at the Maherwat” elderly home. From 5pm until 7pm, 32 individuals received a general examination that included things such as checking their blood pressure and sugar levels.


Nektarina Non Profit and Zest Youth Movement are the organizers of the health camps but they wouldn’t be possible without the involvement of Pune Doctors Association and its members. A big THANK YOU to all of them!


Stay in touch with us through our Twitter and Facebook accounts as we will be organizing more of this worthy health camps during the year.

We have more pictures of both health camps in our Flickr account. If you want to see more, please click on the following links to check-out our photo albums.

April 2017 Medical Camp

May 2017 Medical Camp


Best out of waste 2016 – reusing in a creative form waste materials

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Nektarina Non Profit and its Indian partner Zest Youth Movement, started a couple of months ago the “Best out of waste” contest with the aim of encouraging students to use their creativity to prepare objects using only waste materials.

A couple of years ago, we successfully implemented the same activity in Pune and precisely because it was a huge success and both teachers and students appreciated very much, we decided to implement it again this year.

The organization of the activity started back in early October, when our India E4S Country Manager, visited several schools in Pune to invite them to participate in the activity and to explain the objectives and dynamic of the contest.

As of today, we are proud to say that the response has been amazing. Twelve schools participated and in total 1,500 students aged 9 – 16 years old submitted wonderful and creative pieces of work.

Participants prepared great works using only waste materials such as disposable plastic spoons, cans, pieces of cardboard, plastic wrappings, bottles, etc. Very beautiful and creative pieces of work were created, from decorative objects, to useful objects such as pencil holders and even toys or games.

Sample of works

Several schools took the initiative to organize small exhibitions to showcase the works of their students and to share the experiences and learnings of the activity with their schools’ communities.


In the next weeks we will also start to organize a special exhibition with a selection of some of the pieces from each school and to have a ceremony to recognize both schools and students for their enthusiastic participation.

We will update soon about these events.  In the meantime, take a look at a the pictures of the beautiful works created by these children and youths in India. Click here or on the below picture to go to our Flickr album.

Many thanks to all the schools that participated and supported the activity.

Colorful Chalk at Chalkboard

Education for Sustainability / Call for Schools

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June 6th, 2012 / Worldwide

Education for Sustainability  invites all schools (that are not already in our network) to join us in a joint effort to put sustainability on the curriculum and thus ensure children and youth have the skills to become citizens of a sustainable future.

Input from schools is essential in developing country specific coherent arguments that will help us advocate this initiative with the ministries and other respective governmental bodies (or, as we like to call them – “the decision makers”).

Many schools are already involved in sustainability projects, usually through extracurricular activities. Sharing your experiences and stories would help  inspire other schools to get involved too (maybe even create an extracurricular activity of their own), while together we work towards putting sustainability on the regular curriculum.

We have created a Wiki database (you can access it from our home page – please check out menu tabs in the upper right corner), and this section shares current situation in 30+ countries with regards to teaching sustainability and environment focused subjects.

(Please note that the Wiki page is work in progress. Should you know of a change in the system, update or even a wrong info that we might have misinterpreted, please send us an email to and we’ll sort it out.)

To gather more insights and understand your experiences, we have created simple questionnaires that schools’ representatives can fill in and return to us (once you fill them in, please email them to ). You can also complete the questionnaires online by choosing your country from this menu.

If your country is not on the list, but you’d like your school to be a part of this initiative, or you have experiences you’d like to share with us, please send us an email to

Finally, do subscribe to our monthly newsletter for updates, progress reports, free publications and other resources.


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