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Partnering with Eden Center from Albania

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Posted by Yula We are delighted to announce the partnership with EDEN CENTER from Albania, and we are looking forward to worrking with them on implementing the Education for Sustainability project in their country. Here are some more information about Eden Center:

 EDEN center Profile


The EDEN (Environmental center for Development Education and Networking) center is one of the most active organizations in Albania.

Mission: EDEN center is a nongovernmental, not politically oriented, not for profit organization aiming to contribute in a sustainable development and healthy environment through informing, educating and offering services in partnership with the interested actors.

Vision:  EDEN believes that a sustainable development and a healthy environment is possible.

The organization is established in March 2004 drawing on the expert assistance received from Milieukontakt Oost Europa and has within its structure:

*      A well established group of trainers who commit themselves in offering assistance and capacity building to its target groups;

*      A group of Nature Guides which consist of young people prepared to offer guides and environmental education in nature

*      A youth group which consist of volunteers motivated and engaged for different project awareness with community.

*      A resource centre with a diverse library with editorials and environmental information, which is created by centre’s staff, individual donation and partner’s contribution.

*      Environmental Education  center- an information center within the Tirana Zoo where nature guides provides EE activities like open classes, experiments in nature, laboratory classes , nature guides etc.

To complete its strategic mission and objectives, EDEN is focusing its work in four thematic pillars:

*      Capacity Building

The capacity building is the first working sector in EDEN center.  We have a well established group of 17 experienced trainers which are an integral part of the center.  Within this sector we offer trainings, coaching, assistance and expertise to our targets using original and interactive methods part of the EDEN capacity building methodology based on the Dutch experience.


*      Environmental Education

The Environmental Education sector in EDEN is one of the first sectors and it started with the first project of the organization “Nature Guides” – the ambassadors of Tirana for the sustainable development, December 2004-June 2005.  EDEN center promotes the Environmental Education program based on the unique experience of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.  Within this sector the center has formed and raised the Nature Guides group, the Environmental Education center within the Tirana Zoo, the manual “Get harmonized with the Nature” and the Environmental Education Kit.


*      Environmental Management Practices

With our work in this sector we aim to promote the best environmental practices in the governmental management policies and in the citizen’s and businesses behavior. We started working on this aim in 2005 are focused mainly in the topics of waste management and renewable energy.


*      Public Information and Participation

Public Information and Participation is our newest working sector. We started as a watchdog organization in partnership with CEE Bankwatch Network monitoring the International Financial Institutions being the only one watchdog organization in the country. At the time being we have expanded our services in the sector being part of the Albanian Aarhus Convention Board at the beginning of 2010 and monitoring its implementation.

After more than 5 years of collaboration, investment, motivation and intensive work, EDEN offers for its target groups the following services:

Target group:  Central and local government

Offered services:   Technical Assistance



 Collaboration and coordination of the activities with community


Target group: Community

Offered services:    Community development campaigns

                                  Awareness Campaigns

Education programs

Facilitation of LEAP & GA process

Target group:  Schools and kindergartens

Offered services:   Training on Environmental Education

Curricula development

Nature Guides

Summer schools

Awareness activities

Target group:  Businesses

Offered services:    Raise awareness activities Trainings Monitoring Collaboration for the activities with community

Target group:  CSOs and community groups

Offered services:    Trainings Assistance




More detailed information is available at .

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Partnering with Zest Youth Movement from India

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 We are delighted to annoounce that we have partnered with India based NGO Zest Youth Movement, that will be implementing Education for Sustainability project in India.

The Zest Youth Movement is a national Youth movement working to empower Children and Young people to take an active role in society and fight for their right. ZYM educates them on the basis of the values of equality, democracy, peace, cooperation and friendship. It seeks to improve the situations of youth in relation to the priority areas like Education, Employment, Hunger, Poverty, Health, Environment, Girls and Young Women, Globalization, Information and Communication Technologies, and International relations. Child and Youth Development: Countries today dedicate too few resources to harness children’s and youth’s productive capacity. It is ZYM’s firm belief that children and youth have a strong opinion on global issues and they only need empowerment to feel their voices will be heard in society. Education: The right to education as one of the universal indivisible and unalienable human right is an essential instrument for the enjoyment of other rights and freedoms. Education awareness alone covers 50% of ZYM’s programs because they believe that Environment Health and intercultural understanding cannot be well understood by youth if we are weak in education. ZYM comes together to act, motivate and mobilize formative effects on the mind, character or physical ability of youth’s decent attitude, knowledge, skills, values and morals. We are looking forward to collaborating with them on this project!

Partnering with ACT International from Pakistan

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It is our great pleasure to announce the partnership for Pakistan, with the local organization ACT International:

ACT International is a not-for-profit rights based national organization focusing on women, youth, children and marginalized segments of society. The organization particularly works with disadvantaged segments of society to empower communities by building peoples’ engagement, capacity and partnership focusing on women, youth and children for a better tomorrow. Organization aims to develop partnerships and innovative programmes with the support of development actors to contribute in the efforts of “Aiming Change for Tomorrow“. Vision: Aiming for a tomorrow where everyone has opportunities

 Mission: Empowering communities to recover progress and advance by building peoples’ engagement, capacity and partnership focusing women and children for a better tomorrow.


They pursue this mission through:

  · Grassroots institutional development and networking with local civil society groups and organizations;

 · Sustainable economic development that integrates livelihoods, education, health, infrastructure, environment, youth development, social cohesion and local leadership management;

 · Child development that integrates child rights, protection and improvement of service provision to reduce neglect, abuse and exploitation;

 · Partnerships with civil society and public sector organizations that promote harmony and cohesion amongst development partners, integration of development initiatives and accountability;

 · Policy advocacy that integrates evidence based research on socio-economic and political issues which are directly related to sustainable development of marginalized communities especially women and children;

 · Emergency relief services and recovery and rehabilitation initiatives that assist people affected by conflict or disaster


Program Approach

 ACT International works by adopting four pronged approach which creates equilibrium amongst all the major stakeholders including a) Charity through involving philanthropists; b) Engagement of local non- government organizations; c) Public Private Partnership (PPP); d) Outreach Program for provision of service delivery; by developing an approach of area based consortiums to build partnerships and ensure integration and cohesion during the implementation of development interventions.


 ·         Our mission and humanitarian values impels us to act for a better tomorrow

 ·         Participation for attaining ownership that leads to community empowerment

 ·         Transparency for making humanitarian action accountable to stakeholders

 ·         Equality for realizing the rights of disadvantaged and discriminated

 ·         Innovation for achieving excellence to up-bring the lives of marginalized

 ·         Responsibility for serving the underprivileged voluntarily


 ·         Social Mobilization

 ·         Education Programme

 ·         Child Protection Programme

 ·         Health and Nutrition Programme

 ·         Livelihoods Programme

 ·         Community Physical Infrastructure Programme

 ·         Youth Development Programme

 ·         Disaster Preparedness Programme

 ·         Governance

 More information’s are available at: To learn more about Pakistan:

An online Education 4 Sustainability Forum

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Nektarina Non Profit is preparing an online Forum for its project Education 4 Sustainability. The Forum will take place on Monday, March 25th, starting 10:00 CET. The Forum aims at bringing together the organizations that have expressed interest in our project so far for detailed discussions focusing on pinning down aspects of future cooperation, exploring the possibility of signing country partnerships and defining further steps. Moreover, the Forum will be a great opportunity for all attendees to share their experiences and practices with the other participants and develop new ideas for the advancement of education for sustainable development in their respective countries. We look forward to an interesting discussion and to a further fruitful cooperation with our country partners. The Nektarina Team

Our first official partnership in the E4S project

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Our Education 4 Sustainability project is making important steps in this new year. We are happy to announce that we recently signed our first partnership agreement! This is great news, as we rely on our partners to provide us the local perspective that we need in order to come up with a tailored and effective strategy that will allow our project to reach its goals. And now, meet our first official partner: the Ecological Movement of Moldova (Mișcarea Ecologistă din Moldova). EMM is a voluntary and non-governmental environmental organisation committed to restoring the natural balance of the environment in Moldova through sustainable development, conservation of natural resources and preservation of important ecological sites and monuments. EMM has a very long tradition in Moldova: it was founded in 1990, but its group of volunteers was active since 1983, when they formed the Green Movement. One of the main activities of EMM is to inform the public at large on the problems associated with environmental conservation and protection in the Republic of Moldova in accordance with the Constitution of Republic of Moldova, the existing legislation and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. EMM acts as an umbrella organization for a total of 10 territorial branches in different districts of Moldova and 15 affiliations with more than 2,000 members. Every EMM’s territorial branch has the right to be a legal entity. EMM’s stated goals are: to form an environmental vision and contribute to the awareness raising of citizens on this issue, to restore natural balance, to change collective mentalities for the better of the environment and greening of the society, the recovery of the environment, the restoration of cultural and spiritual ethical-moral universe by developing and implementing projects in the following areas and fields:
  • Environmental education, information and training;
  • Access to information and public participation;
  • Protected areas, biodiversity, natural and cultural heritage, ecological and sustainable tourism;
  • Spiritual Ecology;
  • Development of partnerships;
  • Integrated management of water resources;
  • Advice, expertise and audit;
  • Compliance to environmental legislation and access to justice;
  • EU integration and connection to EU environmental standards; etc.
EMM’s efforts in information dissemination, public awareness, and active participation at the local level contribute to its goal of promoting civil society in the Republic of Moldova. EMM acts as an organizer and supporter of community-based projects and initiatives, thereby advocating non-governmental citizen action. EMM’s work in the protection and conservation of the environment has been acknowledged by the World Conservation Union (IUCN) and accordingly, in 1995 EMM has been admitted in IUCN. Since 2002, EMM is the Danube Environmental Forum National Focal Point in the Republic of Moldova. At the same time EMM is member of the GEF ONG Network, of the Danube Competence Center and of other national organization and committees. EMM has implemented a series of environmental education projects, being a major player in civil society, forming public opinion on attitudes towards environmental issues and the importance of their resolution, promoting environmental education and public awareness. The implemented projects cover a wide range of topics: water, waste management, public awareness and trainings on environmental protection, educational publications, trips and demonstrative lessons. EMM is the founder of the first journal of ecology in the Republic of Moldova. You can find out more information at: The educational system of the Republic of Moldova is in a reform period now: the Educational Strategy 2020 is under preparation and it is very important to make all the efforts to obtain the including of the sustainable development and of the ecological education in the priorities of the Government of the Republic of Moldova. EMM has been an active promoter of this issue during the time and it is being even more insistent in this very important phase for Moldova’s educational system. We are sure that EMM will be a trustful and powerful partner for the Education4Sustainability project in Moldova and we look forward to cooperate with them. Image source: