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Welcome to the Education for Sustainability project Wiki!

Here you will find a compilation of data we found most relevant during the preparatory phase of this project. We started by researching information about our focus countries, their educational systems and how sustainability is addressed in their present curricula. We then expanded our search to other aspects of sustainable development, like green economy, renewable energies or citizen participation. A part of this information was used as input in the preparation for the Rio+20 Conference on Sustainable Development. There are also positive examples from world leading countries and an extensive contacts list.

We envisaged the Wiki as a place to share different resources that might be useful to anyone who is interested in learning more about the sustainability, sustainable development, education for sustainability, but also about different aspects of its implementation that are usually impacted by regulations, legislatives and local authorities.

All information is sorted by topics and can be viewed by browsing through the various folders and subfolders. Some files are in document format. While browsing, you can return to one of the previously visited topics by following the tags in the Trace field, in the upper left corner. To return to the Education for Sustainability homepage, just click on the text displaying the project name in the upper right corner.

We hope you will find the content of our Wiki useful and informative. As we carry on with the project and come across more useful resources we will add them to the existing ones. Also, we will continue improving the usability of Wiki itself. For comments, suggestions, and any other feedback related to the Wiki, please send us an email to

New Documents


Any data presented in the Wiki has been compiled from different sources found on the internet. We do not own (copyrights of) the information presented; we just collected, compiled and edited the information. The internet sources of information are explicitly stated in the articles. That said, we are not responsible for inaccuracies or factual mistakes, should there be any.

Furthermore, all details included in our Contacts section were publicly available and compiled from internet websites. We do not disclose any contact details without permission.

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