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From rolling blackouts to radioactive soil, post-tsunami reconstruction in Japan faces many challenges. But the path to recovery is looking distinctly green. The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident is forcing Japan to go green. Steps include the launch of a new renewable energy national feed-in tariff, which starts in July.


Developing resilient agriculture will require technologies and practices that build on agro-ecological knowledge and enable smallholder farmers to counter environmental degradation and climate change in ways that maintain sustainable agricultural growth. Examples include various forms of mixed cropping that enable more efficient use and cycling of soil nutrients, conservation farming, microdosing of fertilisers and herbicides, and integrated pest management.

Evidence suggests that more extensive, grazing-based systems can reduce pressure on scarce water resources, whilst often providing better animal welfare. In addition, grazing systems can make use of marginal lands which are not suited for crop production; an efficient use of the world’s food production resources.


Tourism Concern is a campaigning organisation working to ensure that people’s human rights are not abused by tourism. They believe that destination stakeholders have a right to benefit from tourism and should also be able to participate as stakeholders in its appropriate development. For more than 21 years, they have gathered evidence which sadly refutes the idea that tourism in poorer countries benefits the poor or that tourism brings people jobs that offer them positive opportunities. Tourism too often embeds people in poverty.

The circumpolar Arctic, remote regions, small island developing states (SIDS), and developing countries all need flexibility in how they generate energy, but this energy can be low carbon, renewable and both delivered and used efficiently. Terrestrial and offshore winds, solar, geothermal energy, biofuels, and other renewable resources can collectively meet energy needs, while simultaneously supporting local development, achieving greenhouse gas emission reductions, and addressing crucial issues such as energy and water security. In all of these areas, coasts, oceans and renewable energy can play a vital role.

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