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 \\ More information is available at: [[http://​​portal/​index.php|http://​​portal/​index.php]] \\ More information is available at: [[http://​​portal/​index.php|http://​​portal/​index.php]]
 +\\ \\ **ACT International / Pakistan**
 +ACT International is a not-for-profit rights based national organization focusing on women, youth, children and marginalized segments of society. The organization particularly works with disadvantaged segments of society to empower communities by building peoples’ engagement, capacity and partnership focusing on women, youth and children for a better tomorrow. Organization aims to develop partnerships and innovative programmes with the support of development actors to contribute in the efforts of "​Aiming Change for Tomorrow"​.
 +\\ //​**Vision**//​
 +Aiming for a tomorrow where everyone has opportunities
 +\\ //​**Mission**//​
 +Empowering communities to recover progress and advance by building peoples’ engagement, capacity and partnership focusing women and children for a better tomorrow.
 +We pursue this mission through
 +  - Grassroots institutional development and networking with local civil society groups and organizations;​
 +  - Sustainable economic development that integrates livelihoods,​ education, health, infrastructure,​ environment,​ youth development,​ social cohesion and local leadership management;
 +  - Child development that integrates child rights, protection and improvement of service provision to reduce neglect, abuse and exploitation;​
 +  - Partnerships with civil society and public sector organizations that promote harmony and cohesion amongst development partners, integration of development initiatives and accountability;​
 +  - Policy advocacy that integrates evidence based research on socio-economic and political issues which are directly related to sustainable development of marginalized communities especially women and children;
 +  - Emergency relief services and recovery and rehabilitation initiatives that assist people affected by conflict or disaster
 +\\ //**Program Approach**//​
 +ACT International works by adopting four pronged approach which creates equilibrium amongst all the major stakeholders including a) **//Charity through involving philanthropists;//​** b) **//​Engagement of local non- government organizations;//​** c) **//Public Private Partnership (PPP);//** d) **//​Outreach Program for provision of service delivery;//​** by developing an approach of area based consortiums to build partnerships and ensure integration and cohesion during the implementation of development interventions.
 +\\ //**Our core value**//
 +  * **//Our mission and humanitarian values//** impels us to act for a better tomorrow
 +  * **//​Participation//​** for attaining ownership that leads to community empowerment
 +  * **//​Transparency//​** for making humanitarian action accountable to stakeholders
 +  * **//​Equality//​** for realizing the rights of disadvantaged and discriminated
 +  * **//​Innovation//​** for achieving excellence to up-bring the lives of marginalized
 +  * **//​Responsibility//​** for serving the underprivileged voluntarily
 +\\ //​**Programme Components**//​
 +  * Social Mobilization
 +  * Education Programme
 +  * Child Protection Programme
 +  * Health and Nutrition Programme
 +  * Livelihoods Programme
 +  * Community Physical Infrastructure Programme
 +  * Youth Development Programme
 +  * Disaster Preparedness Programme
 +  * Governance
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